Product Applicator Pad (2-pack) - Fusion Mineral Paint
Product Applicator Pad (2-pack) - Fusion Mineral Paint

Product Applicator Pad (2-pack) - Fusion Mineral Paint

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Fusion Applicator Pads are WONDERFUL to use with Fusion Furniture Waxes, Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil, Fusion Tough Coat and Fusion Ultra Grip. These pads are my secret weapon for any product that uses wipe on application or brush on/wipe off application. 

**When using with Tough Coat or Ultra Grip, lightly dampen the pad and wring out excess water.

Applicator Pads are made of dense sponge foam covered with cotton. They can be used to apply all sorts of liquid stains, oils and even waxes! The applicator absorbs a generous amount of product to work on a large surface without having to reload. These are ideal for small or medium, flat or textured surfaces. They allow for unparalleled even/smooth application.

Pads are 4” x 6”.

PRO TIP: After opening package and before using, grab some packing tape or something similar to remove any fibers that may have come loose during transit. 
These applicator pads are semi-disposable but each can be used on MANY different projects before the foam inside starts to degrade from frequent washings. These applicator pads are made well and not like similar single use products you can get a hardware store. Immediately after using, wash with dish soap and water if cleaning up a water based product and if using with an oil based product-soak in a mineral spirits bath overnight (be sure to suit up with some gloves before handling anything with mineral spirits on it) and then wash the mineral spirits out with dish soap and water.