Fusion Mineral Paint Extender

Fusion Mineral Paint Extender

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Extender works by not allowing the paint to dry quickly, therefore giving you what’s known in the paint industry as “more open time”, which is more working time with the paint before it dries. More open time also allows our paint's specially engineered self-leveling properties to kick in which helps eliminate the appearance of brush strokes on colors with a shorter open time. This product is a must have for colors like Coal Black and Chocolate that have much shorter open times than any of the other colors on the Fusion color pallet. A little bit of extender gives you a smooth factory looking finish.

  • Reduces wear on spray guns
  • Makes Fusion Mineral Paint and other water based paints flow more smoothly
  • Reduces brush and roller marks
  • Cure time may increase depending on how much Extender is added.
  • This eco friendly version does not add additional VOC’s!


Mix 1/4 a bottle (15ml) – 1/2 a bottle of Extender (30ml) with a pint. 1 bottle is good for to 2-4 pints of paint. Adding more is not recommended as it will impact your drying and curing time. Our mixing process is really simple-open new pint of paint and squirt in 1/4 of the bottle of extender into the pint. No need for precision...it's not an exact science. Then put the lid back on the pint of paint. Make sure the lid is on tightly! Grab an old shop towel and wrap it around the jar of paint. Shake to mix.


Soap and water.


Prep your piece as you would to paint with Fusion Mineral Paint. Clean your piece with TSP and give it a light scuff sand.


Once mixed with Fusion Mineral Paint, apply paint as usual. You will notice a longer open drying time, thus giving you time to work with the paint and smooth out brush strokes. Once your first coat fully dries, apply a subsequent coats as needed. We recommend waiting at least 4 hours between coats when using the Extender. Should you notice that applying your second coat is lifting off the first, either too much extender was used, or it needs more time to dry and cure before applying another coat.