Crackled Texture - Fusion Mineral Paint
Crackled Texture - Fusion Mineral Paint
Crackled Texture - Fusion Mineral Paint

Crackled Texture - Fusion Mineral Paint

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– Non-toxic
– No VOCs
– Easy to use
– Exceptional coverage
– Matte finish
– Easy way to obtain weathered, rustic look
– Does not need to be painted over
– Does not need a top coat – however may be recommended if using on a high traffic high water surface such as a coffee table. Any top coat like Tough Coat or Stain & Finishing Oil can be used.


Stir before using. Apply as a BASE COAT to a HORIZONTAL SURFACE. Apply with a spreading tool. This product is self-leveling although there is no need to obsess about a completely level surface. More product will roll into low lying areas, due to gravity and those areas will crack more than the high places but that looks more natural as most antique painted pieces do not have a perfectly even amount of cracks all over the piece. One more time for those in the back - THICKER APPLICATION WILL RESULT IN LARGER, MORE DEFINED CRACKS; spreading will result in smaller cracking. Tap to settle air bubbles. After 6-12 hours dry time, choose your favorite Fusion Mineral Paint color to paint on top of the DRIED crackle medium. DO NOT MIX PAINT with this product or no cracking will occur. If you wish to make your piece look chippy, you can use a rigid drywall spatula to chip away strategically at the cracks. OPTIONAL: You can also use Fusion Mineral Paint's colored waxes or glazes as a top coat. These products will get down into the cracks and crevices created by the crackle medium and define them...further adding to the illusion of age.

Product Cure Time: 21 days