Staalmeester Wax Brush - Series 8071 #18

Staalmeester Wax Brush - Series 8071 #18

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Available in #18, our Staalmeester Wax & Stencil Brushes are made with strong Chinese hog bristles, perfect for stenciling and waxing!  Just one of the incredible brushes available from the Staalmeester Premium Brush Collection! This brush has a stubby yet thick ergonomic solid wood handle that conforms perfectly with your natural grip. It measures 6.25" in total length, with the bristles being 2.5" in length and 1.25" in diameter.

  • #18 - Staalmeester (1.01.8071.18) 1.25" inches / 31mm (diameter)

The Staalmeester is the Rolls Royce of Brushes. A unique synthetic / natural bristle blend that has a short natural china bristle, blended with a longer silky synthetic bristle. The natural bristle ensures better paint absorption and the synthetic bristle component allows for a smooth, even application having minimal to no brush strokes.

Be sure to use Fusion's Brush Cleaner to condition and clean your brush, leaving your bristles in pristine condition!